Dental Services

It is our commitment to share dental knowledge and provide quality dental treatment to our patients. Both of our dental practices contain some of the most advanced digital radiographic equipment that will enhance the patient’s dental experience, improve dental insurance payment, and expedite the patient’s appointment time. We do offer nitrous oxide to provide you with a relaxing dental experience in our office.

Our standard preventive dental care, includes regular three to six month exams, prophylaxis care and extensive periodontal treatment. Our more extensive dental treatment includes the following restorations: tooth colored composites, conventional silver alloys, gold or porcelain inlays/onlays, to standard porcelain fused to metal crowns, lava zirconium crowns, etc. We provide root canal therapy, if necessary, which makes us a “one stop” dental practice.

We also provide cosmetic procedures, which include minor tooth movement through orthodontic retainers, tooth whitening procedures, closing of spaces (diastemeas) through composite fillings, and placement of porcelain veneers. Our practice restores missing teeth with conventional fixed bridgework or implant crown placement utilizing restorations of porcelain fused to metal or lava/zirconium crowns. We also offer our patients with partial denture and full complete placement.

Our dental practices are providers for various dental insurance PPO plans and we also offer financial payment plans for non-insurance patients. Please feel free to contact our office and discuss your financial options and schedule an appointment today for all of your dental treatment.